Imperfect Information Game – A Review

M Dharmalingam, Dr E Chandra


Card games are interesting for many reasons besides their connection with gambling. Among the huge variety of games, the researchers focus on those in which cards dealt randomly at the beginning of the game, with each player receiving a hand of cards that is not visible to the other players. Bridge is being a game of imperfect information, it is well defined and decision making game. The imperfect information games are contrasted with the perfect information game, where as the players are not having the complete knowledge of the game, where one player does not know exactly what cards the opponent hold. The Game of bridge provides lot of chance to conduct research to the researchers, because many components that constitutes the game. Hence researchers have much interested in this field especially in Double Dummy Bridge Problem (DDBP).

Keywords: Bridge Game, Imperfect Information game, Double Dummy Bridge Problem, FFNN, Bidding and Playing

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