Automatic System for Calculating Dose of Thiopentone Based on Static Physiological Parameters

Dipti S. Diwase, Prof. R. W. Jasutkar


The main objective behind the development of proposed system is to introduce an automatic system based on fuzzy controller that utilizes linguistic fuzzy rules for simulating dose of anesthesia levels and adjusts the infusion rate with respect to input parameter. Here we are using Thiopentone as anesthetic agent. Dose of Thiopentone is calculated on the basis of parameters like Age, weight, height of a patient. The method is based on the analysis of these variables by giving membership function, evaluation of rule based system and defuzzification process to control the depth of Thiopentone and decide required dose of Thiopentone. The major advantage of proposed system is to provide ease to anaesthesiologist so that he/she can attention to other physiological variables which they have to keep under control.

Keywords: Thiopentone, fuzzy controller, If...then rule base, membership function designing, static physiological parameters.

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