Stable And Energy Efficient Routing For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using Backbone Nodes

MahendraKumar S, Senthil Prakash K,Chandrasekaran V, Dr.R.Sasikala


Energy efficient routing and power control techniques in wireless ad hoc networks have drawn considerable research interests recently. Mobile Ad hoc networking is a challenging task due to the lack of network resources as well as the frequent changes in network topology. A lot of research has been done on supporting QoS in the Internet and other networks, but they are not suitable for mobile Ad hoc networks. This research uses a scheme to improve existing on-demand routing protocols by introducing the concept of stable backbone based node scheme in network topologies scenario. Our proposed scheme is done for achieving QoS in terms of packet delivery, multiple connections, better power management and stable routes. The scheme combines two basic features to achieve QoS; these are stable routing and concept of battery power. The scheme has been incorporated using AODV protocol and it is clearly shown that the protocol that is used in this research performs very well for different network scenarios, The extensive simulation has been done for the performance evaluation; it clearly shows that the scheme performs very well with increasing packet delivery for different network scenarios.


Keywords: Ad-hoc; Energy Efficient Routing; Backbone nodes; AODV; DSR and SBNRP.

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