Mapping Concept of Equitable Regional Develoment Using C4.5 Classification Method

Tb. Ai Munandar, Harsiti, Roy Amrullah Ritonga


The concept of data mining has now been developed in various disciplines to conduct excavations on a number of data so as to produce useful new information in the process of decision support. In this study discussed the application of data mining concepts of statistical data in the province of Banten - Indonesia to determine the level of development of an area or district. C.45 classification method used in this study to analyze statistical data and Banten province to develop an equitable application of the concept of web-based regional development. The final results of this study form a concept map applications web-based distribution of development that is able to analyze a number of statistical data that consists of four indicators, namely, human development index, education index, gross domestic income and the population so that applications can be developed to identify the two counties that still require special handling of the provincial government, namely Pandeglang and Lebak. The results of this identification that can be used as a reference for the head area of decision support to determine the future work program in relation to the distribution of development.


Keywords: data mining, equitable development, classification C4.5, decision support, statistical data

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